Bau Nrs

BAU NRS is a health service company, and we are focused on neurological surgery but we are also in all other operations.

The Headquarter of BAU NRS is based in Istanbul, Turkey . BAU NRS was established with a vision of providing patient-centered care, high quality and readily available healthcare services to individuals worldwide.

In BAU NRS , your health comes first – prior to everything! We work with hospitals that have JCI (US-based, Joint Commission International) or equal international healthcare accreditation.

BAU NRS is coordinating medical treatment for patients and ensuring high quality healthcare services delivered in the earliest possible time and with the utmost care. It is a combination of professional services tailored around each patient’s needs and arrangement of medical treatment in Turkey.

BAU NRS has affiliations with well-known physicians in their specialties and reputed healthcare providers capable of offering specialized treatment in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in Turkey.
BAU NRS offers you premier medical treatment options using its network with world-class physicians and hospitals. The hospitals in BAU NRS network are accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI).

Please contact with me for prices and other information.

Emrah ISIK


International Patient Coordinator at BAUNRS

Mail -Skype :
Phone-Whatsapp: 00905445621317
Address: Sahrayı Cedid Mahalesi
Batman Sokak No: 66 - 68