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Bay McLaughlin

Hong Kong

Bay McLaughlin has supported technology startups for the last decade. Over half of this time was spent at Apple as a founding team member of their global SMB channel and as the founder of their first Entrepreneurship Evangelism channel. To support startups at Apple, Bay partnered with the world’s best founders, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators to identify and solve their most pressing strategic issues. The other half of his career has been spent inside of or founding startups, two of which failed, one of which exited successfully. Currently, Bay has equity positions in 19 companies across seven countries, ranging from B2B SaaS platforms to the number one website in surfing technologies to some of the hottest new IoT products.

As COO & Co-Founder of Brinc, Bay brings his operations abilities and startup insight to support all of Brinc’s teams and connects the dots from Asia to Silicon Valley. Bay’s excitement comes from supporting startup’s from all around the world who have never been to China or understood how easy it really is. He took the big step of packing his bags and moving out to HK & Mainland China and believes everyone should do the same who really wants to drive the future of the hardware space.

  • Work
    • Founder and COO
  • Education
    • BBA, MAcc