Dennis Bay

Fairhaven WA

Hello; I'm not alway online here while the computer is but I will answer all messages sent to me. Hello, Well a little about me plus a little about my daughter as we are a pair because she lives with me fulltime, she is the youngest of three as other two are now married with their own children. I should be bald as many times I feel like pulling my hair out, really not that bad for third child LOL. Last summer was a little bumpy with economy plus broke my arm, still have chip floating around in it. Me and my daughter spend a lot of time together and go many place semi local we like going to Langley, BC. Colossus for a 3D Movies, IMAX " LOL " as we live 20 minutes from Vancouver BC. Mainly we do local weekend travel is between Blaine and Sumner or East of mountains Spokane in Washington State USA. I work fulltime and sometime go on worldwide work trips to assist in many airlines of aircraft structure reconfigurations doing Engineering for FAA/STC & EASA/STC approval projects. I enjoy the people I have met, and the different culture I have been to. I have been to about 23 countries ( This year was just a few days in UK and Ukraine my dime, year before was 35 days in Lithuania working as Eng Support for Boeing 737 with Air Baltic) and almost visited all 50 Domestic USA States in support for work. Yes I tweak the road trip to allow me some personal free time for enjoyment. During the summer I like to do major home projects as a hobby. Sample this year we added to the Home another Bedroom to include a bathroom plus changed out a major part of our utilities to more efficient item ( Go Green ). During winter I like to fix up a car in the garage as it will be the new little sports car for next summer LOL Fast & Furious 1st show. I returned back to Washington USA in early 90's after gone for ten years and don't have any plans to leave the area of Pacific Northwest as so green and beautiful. As I have multiple education all in Math fields as hate reading and writing LOL as you see by my writing LOL. I do Electronics ( Did in US Navy ) and Software Development ( Degree ) also, now doing my own version of Second Life Server for people of a 3D Virtual World online in some of the spare time helping a few people out. Yes I have played a few online games with kids at times Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, WoW, EvE and wrote a few minor ones cool part they work with online Netflix for videos without having to drive for a renting a movie flick.

  • Work
    • 787 Boeing Everett Production Test
  • Education
    • Ferndale High School
    • Whatcom Community College