Baylee Hart

Laramie, Wyoming

Professional Snapshot

I am a soon to be graduate of the University of Wyoming. I have been studying Marketing while dabbling in Fiance and International Relations (leading to a few minors to go along with my degree). I am very excited to be graduating in December 2014! My working career is short, but has been very rewarding! I have enjoyed learning about market research and direct sales through on-the-job training!

Why Marketing?

I am a firm believer that people's lives are a collection of stories that shape our opinions, values, and choices. Each person has a story that can change the way you think and inspire you to do something differently. Marketing as a discipline allows these stories to be understood by businesses. This understanding inspires companies to create better products and better practices. Marketers are given the unique opportunity to listen to consumers stories and really empathize with a company's target market, which allows them to understand how unique relationships can be formed between a company and its customers. In short, I love marketing because I love stories and the relationships that are formed around them.

Let's Get Personal

I love a good pun! If you ever want to make me laugh, just tell me a joke most people would consider "cheesy."

My favorite joke at the moment is, "The past, the present and the future walk into a bar. It was tense."

I love the outdoors and will jump at any opportunity to explore a new place. I recently visited Yellowstone Park for the first time and completely fell in love with it! I look forward to one day visiting Teton National Park.

I love animals. I have a black labrador named Chance and a small torishell cat named Cubby.

I love to cook. Baking is my favorite form of cooking, but I will take any excuse to be in the kitchen!

I am a life-long Cubs baseball fan! I sincerely hope that one day they will make it back to the World Series!

All in all, I am a very happy person who loves to try new things. I am always open to meeting new people, trying new things and going new places. Any opportunity I get to overcome a new challenge is always welcome.

  • Work
    • University of Wyoming Social Work Department
  • Education
    • University of Wyoming