Bayley Thompson

Bayley Thompson

Hello! Let me introduce myself... I wear many hats (literally - when I am not teaching or working out, I wear a hat)... I am a married mother of six, I have a BS in Liberal Arts and Criminal Justice, and I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

I lead classes at the YMCA of Frankfort, the FAC in Shelbyville, and Fit-Time for Women. I hold licenses/certifications in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Piloxing, Box Mania, Kettlebell AMPD, Silver Sneakers Classic, Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch, Yo-Chi (a fusion of Yoga and Tai Chi), BARRE ABOVE, and PiYO. Most recently, after 6 months of study, I passed the NASM-CPT exam and received my personal trainer certification.

My Road to Fitness...

After raising six children, home schooling, housekeeping, and farming produce, I found myself tired and out of shape. I had lost some weight by walking with a neighbor, but packed it right back on when I returned to college (after a 25 year hiatus) to finish my degree. I graduated spring of 2011, then in summer of 2011 something happened that completely changed my life...

My youngest child has Down syndrome. In July of 2011, during a 100+ degree heat wave, my little one escaped from the house and disappeared in the wilderness with our dogs. By the grace of God, over two hours later, he was found by a sheriff's deputy, sweaty, dehydrated, naked, and covered in bug bites. He quickly recovered, but I did not. I fell into a deep depression.

To find some quiet for myself, I began practicing Tai Chi. Just learning to quiet my mind and heart and move my body. By prayerfully practicing TCC in our woods, I learned to love movement! I also started to take better care of myself by hydrating more and eating real foods. That fall, the owner of the yoga studio in which I practiced TCC suggested I try Zumba. I thought, "Me? Zumba?" But figured I had nothing to lose (but maybe some weight and inhibitions)! I loved it! January of 2012 I started strength classes and as 2012 rolled on, I continued Zumba, tried some Pilates, practiced a little Yoga, started doing Piloxing, and became a runner! Within a year, I had lost 40 pounds and was in the best shape - physically AND emotionally - than I had ever been in my whole life. Best of all, my doctor decided I did not have to be put on anti-depressants, as exercise had cured my depression.

My passion now is to spread LIFE by sharing my love and knowledge of fitness with others!