Baylie (Legocashboy) Bain

Hackney, Hackney, United Kingdom

I'm a Secondary school student currently studing at the Bridge Academy in Hackney. I'm highly interested in the arts of Media and IT, and my interests increased when I joined YouTube 4 Years ago, where I originally created Lego stop-motion videos, then moved onto vlogs(video blogs) and update videos, then onto Let's Play's.

In the Summer of 2013 & 2014, I expanded my knowledge of Media Studies by going to a summer camp called 'OMG Cameras Everywhere' created by 'PrettyBird', it's a One-week camp where you create music videos with music that was donated to the summer camp, and also we create short animations and sketches. If you want to watch any of the work that we have done/people from all over the globe have done, click the link below.

I mainly focus my life on video games, but I don't put myself in a specific catergory, I'm an all-rounder gamer, but I mainly play Nintendo games. My favourite video game series is the Mario Kart series as I own nearly all of the games(I don't have Double Dash), but i like to get other games from other consoles(except Xbox, I don't own one).

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