Baylie Miles

Student in Canada

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My name is Baylie Miles I have lived in Canada my whole life with my mother, father and 4 siblings. I have had the opportunity to witness many different world views through traveling with my family and school.

Nepal, Spain, and Equador are places that I have visited recently and witnessed other cultures and beliefs. Although traveling has helped me to begin to develop my world view I am only 16, therefore, I don't have a clear independent world view. I do know that all countries should have a democracy and equal rights for all, no matter what the citizens or visitors gender, race or age.

I have been a competitive swimmer for 8 years and it is a big life accomplishment for me because I have seen so many kids join and quit in my club. Even though I am not the fastest swimmer and I know I will not be going to the Olympics, it is very important for me to keep doing so I know I have the capability to stay devoted to something for so long. My parents have also given me the chance to climb the Annapurna circuit in Nepal and I was the youngest person on the summit.

My parents have been separated for many years and 3 years ago my mother remarried and this was a struggle for me because my siblings and I were always used to it being just us and her.

Throughout out my life, I have learned that I am a very caring and genuine person. I care a lot about other people's feelings and if there is anything I can do to help I always try to. I have also learned I am an extrovert and love talking and being around people. Throughout out my whole life, I have grown up around new people and in new situations that have really helped shaped me into who I am today and who I am trying to become.

Goals have always been a great way for me to make plans for my life. Having an end goal helps me stay on track and focused but right now I don't have any big goals. All I know is that I want to be successful both financially and in my life accomplishments.

When I look at my future I just see so many possibilities and opportunities, I have very few ideas of what I want to do for my future career. I know I want to do a job where I am working with people, not sitting at a desk. I wish I had a better sense of what I want to do because I like being able to see where I want to end up because it gives me a clear goal to strive for.

That is just a little bit on me and my life. Please enjoy the rest of my website, by clicking on the link above.