BAYLY+LAMOND, established in 2010 by Anne Lou Bayly and Walker Lamond, is a boutique creative agency that allows the partners to do a little bit of everything they love. BAYLY+LAMOND draws on the partners' collective experience in fashion, filmmaking, event design, and publishing to create compelling brand strategies for select corporate clients. From branding and advertising, to films and books, to art and interiors, Bayly and Lamond lend their characteristic touch of cool authenticity to brands such as Smithsonian, HBO, JCrew, and Daily Candy. Their wide network of talented artists, designers, writers, and business professionals allows for exciting collaborations.

Do you have a brilliant idea? BAYLY+LAMOND can help you make it happen. From business creation to product launches, we can help you crystalize your ideas into a actionable plan. Websites, logos, press...we have you covered. And if you're short on ideas, we'll give you one of ours. BAYLY+LAMOND can help you find a location, find clients, choose suppliers, curate your product offerings, raise your profile, and make your dream a reality.

Does your business just need a shot in the arm? A new look, a new space, a new approach? We know what works and what will make you stand out in a crowd. From retail space design to social networking strategies, BAYLY+LAMOND can help you update your business. Not just better looking. Better.