Bayne Vardy

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Biography of Bayne L. Vardy.

BC Furnace Service Ltd.

Coquitlam, BC CANADA

Born in North London, England, August 1954

Bayne emigrated to Calgary Alberta, in June of 1980, after just over two years in Canada the economy was in the slump of the 80’s Bayne had no money and became part of the stats on the unemployment line, pride kept him here despite his mothers request to come home, he was determine to make a good go of it in the country he hardly knew. He moved to North Vancouver in 1983 and had to do something real fast so he began to lay the foundation for a business that today has grown to be known as the largest residential service heating company in the Lower Mainland. He worked alone mostly until he took on his first employee in 1986 he worked for Bayne for 17 years and would still be working with him today had he not got into an accident. Bayne realizes he was given a chance in life and now he gives others a chance. He has employed people from China, Taiwan, Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia, India, Iran, Romania, South Africa, Russia, England, Scotland, Ireland and CANADA and he still employs many of them today.

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