Jody Kriss

Kriss Jody is a very popular name in the industry of real estate. He is a legendary character who is responsible for the developments and investments valued more than hundreds of millions of dollars in Arizona, Florida and New York. Since then he have When he was associated with Bayrock Group he developed Trump SoHo, he also developed a five star hotel in South Florida with 300 rooms and a beach facility and in Manhattan he made a luxurious hotel with 400 rooms in it. In the past he used to deal with real estate investments, takes part in capital raises for numerous projects etc. He started his professional career with the Athena Group. While working with them he supervised the development of 838 Fifth Avenue a condominium which is in Manhattan.

After a long and tough journey he got success in life. In the year 2010 he co-founded his own Real Estate Developer Company East River Partners. Since then his journey begin, he started developing 8 real estate properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan with hundred million dollars. He is very intelligent and has a very good leadership ability which helped him in the development of East River Partners properties into those areas where the supply in lower than the demand. This helped his company to progress in this field to a great extent.

Educational and professional life of Jody L. Kriss

Kriss Jody was a student of Wharton School of Business affiliated under the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout his educational career he was a very bright student and has got all the qualities of a successful businessman. In the year 1997 he passed out his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Wharton School of Business. He started his professional career with Athena Group as a project manager and analyst. Working with Athena Group he developed a lavish condominium in 838 Fifth Avenue and gained a lot of appreciation for his job. Then he left Athena after few years and joined APC Realty Advisors, where he got involved with a number of other projects which the company was then dealing with. Here also he got the scope of screening his talent with the development of a condominium in Tribeca which is 10000 square feet huge.

He got a magic jump in his career and he got the rank of a managing partner in Bayrock Group. This became the turning point of his professional career and jumped to the position of a chief financial officer fo