Bayshore Home Health

Bayshore Health Care are a Canadian home health care provider with 100 locations throughout the country. They operate a national service centre out of Mississauga, Ontario. They provide individualized care plans that allow people to be cared for in their own home and environment and are able to offer any service necessary for out of hospital care. Bayshore is Canada’s largest provider of home and community health care services. The Bayshore team includes a staff of more than 10,000 people, operating from 60 home care offices, 10 pharmacies and 40 community care clinics. Every year they spend more than 5 million hours providing home health care.

Bayshore Health Care are committed to community care and they have designed solutions to meet the needs of the people that they care for. It is their goal to do whatever it takes to make people comfortable in their homes. They endeavor to make a difference with every single visit. That commitment to the people they serve has seen Bayshore Health Care becoming one of Canada’s top 50 best managed companies, as well as Canada’s largest healthcare company and nursing organization.

Bayshore Health Care have the experience and the passion to help families find the best solution for their individual needs. They provide community care to all ages, but especially to seniors. Operating from the belief that home is the best place for a person to be, they have grown to become Canada’s largest provider of home and community health care services.

Bayshore Home Health
1843 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y5
(604) 873-2545