Bazaar Collections

Canberra, Australia

Travel enhances the imagination. It's a longing for the exotic that stimulates the soul. W. Ted Wright

Natalie Opie loves to travel and is inspired by the exotic. She is the owner of Bazaar Collections - an online jewellery store specialising in tribal adornment and vintage jewellery. She stocks her own designs together with authentic vintage tribal pieces collected in her travels.

Bazaar Collections began after a life-changing adventure to Morocco. This sparked her interest in tribal adornment and she spent two months collecting ethnic silver, vintage amulets, exotic African trade beads and beautiful semi-precious stones. Her love of decorative arts and antiquities is reflected in her work and she uses these elements to create an eclectic mix of modern handmade beaded jewellery. Each piece of stone, shell, sea glass and silver has a story to tell... who did it belong to and how far has it travelled?

Her work is a collection of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of her journey through North Africa - camel trains across ancient mud cities and sandy deserts; shades of indigo, saffron, and crimson; the call to prayer across the medina; fresh mint tea brewing in the souk; and sweet almond cake delights on the eve of Ramadan.

Natalie lives in Canberra and is a full-time mum to three beautiful kids. In between raising her family she works as a freelance graphic designer and is currently studying to become an art therapist. Her recent publication work can be viewed online.

Natalie is heading back to Morocco in November. Watch out for her new pieces on her etsy site!