Barrie Robertson

Bath, United Kingdom

Barrie Robertson

Bath, United Kingdom

Dad, dog owner, husband.

I play rugby union & touch, love to ski and follow the NHL.

Salesforce and spreadsheets are my not-so-secret fave way to geek out and I'm also an avid Hearthsone player!

I currently work as Salesforce Executive at Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, where I'm also on-boarding Eloqua.

Previously I worked for:

Research Media, developing and supporting Salesforce to benefit the sales effort, and working with universities to tell the story of their research.

Mango Solutions, assisting people with their data analysis needs;

ProQuest, providing e-resources for HE & public libraries;

BBC Audiobooks, managing digital sales and licensing

N.B. I'm the spiky-haired member of the sibling triumvirate.