Ben P Bacon

Entrepreneur in Chepstow, United Kingdom

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Not many people know the actual pursuit of health & wellness is a choice, not a given.

Do you ever have so many unproductive days, frequently stressful de-energised days? Ok there were plenty of fit moments but still... It happens right, but discovering this information was there then allowing it to continue, I realised is something totally under my control.

If I only knew what to properly measure and what to do about it... Google gave way too much info.

I practised and ran Chiropractic centres for years. Nothing happened till my mother in law died unforgiveably. Home based rehab after a fracture turned nasty. A simple misuse of 28 pills per day that within 10 days literally lead to a ulcerated stomach, blood poisoning & perforated bowel. The medics did their best.

On reading 'Abundance' by Peter Diamandis. It was the catalyst to change my career. In the next 2 years I won 2014 eHealth Innovation Award as part of a separate team and had my yu-scan team in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE.

We now have a new health tracker product with fundamental differences now that helps me be more productive at work, better at being calm and more effective at training. And we reckon it will benefit others. based on what would help my mother in law, but aimed directly at consumers instead. Tracking and empowering stressed out, but essentially youthful and healthy people who still want to do better.

Being a committed member of the Quantified selfers, I am committed to growing and developing myself and extended that into a new company when I realised not only could knowing and tracking basic health metrics we can be in fear not knowing or take action. Ultimately, knowing will be our ultimate and most powerful move.

Mixing aritificial intelligence, health tracking and games play, we want to add value to your life... We also will be releasing the API for developers to make more games. Play our games that reward you for tracking... Live. Track. Repeat.

By following us now, you allow us to add what we would call insane value to your life as I develop my mission to give a Billion people the ability to access & be themselves empowered by their health metrics at a time and place & reason of their choosing.

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    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • BSc Chiro from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, UK