b banu


To someone who loves travelling, I was lucky enough to undertake my first journey, while still a young girl. However, that journey happened to be a turning point in my life as I became witness to the most tragic accident I have ever come across. The death of men in our group and its aftermath of emotional trauma that affected the rest, including their families made me ponder over the meaning of ‘Life and Death‘ in general; as well as ‘Nature and its Elements‘ at work in particular. I penned my first poem at the age of nine, when I returned back home from this journey and titled it LIFE.

All in all, I have had a wonderful childhood and live in India. Whenever, city life bogs me down and things seem to be in doldrums; I prefer to getaway and nestle in the heart of nature, or sometimes have a unstoppable urge to explore the world; its places, culture and people. I feel fortunate to live on the most beautiful planet ‘Earth‘ - mother and nurturer in various ways. My writing would considerably be about universal understanding and knowledge that could benefit mankind, through timeless emotional and human behavior in its expression, growth and grace of humanity. Hope to entrance with creativity! Enjoy the written word…

I have always been interested in literature and in my early school days took to writing for my school’s Annual Publication Magazine. I have been awarded a prize for short-story writing; during my college days in a ‘festival-writing competition’. In all humility, have a self-published poem book to my own credit for inspiration and encouragement. And two of my poems for little children are published in the National book Trust of India.

Greetings!! And Peace.

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