buffie barbie

MODEL in Miami, Florida

buffie barbie

MODEL in Miami, Florida

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Occupation: Business Owner

•Hair Salon: & Hair Lash Studio

•Dazzel Shoe Store: Miami,fl

•Website: www.snached.com


•Graduate Model: Barbarzon Modeling Agency

Virtual World Video,CEO-production,Marketing


Barbie Royal Productions inc

Model Virtual World, 2008 - present

BuffieDaBarbie.ent : Royal Entertainment Productions

CEO Model Actress Virtual World Fashion web design artists 3D geographic Science

®Google : BuffieDaBarbie Model


A true Beauty BuffieBarbie is The World's First Virtual World Ebony Model to sweep the Nation with talent and skill of Extraordinaire Virtual visual creation a born go getter at the tender age of 14 BuffieDaBarbie formally Known (kisha) has strive for Exallance for her Modling Travel Career and New Creation in film, The Virtual Ebony video Gaming Animation of the State-owned CEO Enterprise XBox-Play Station Virtual Mortal Combat Adult Version video Game.

In Stores Worldwide. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Woman the first Ebony Barbie Doll to go viral in virtual video Game industry Buffie Barbie travel coast to coast share new ideals trip vacation and long walks of the world with Buffie Da Barbie Entertainment New Summer Events {2} Buffie Barbie has also Earned Her Masters BMA and craft hobby Virtual arts video as she studies a long course of short filming and virtual video, Learn more about Buffie Barbie and her Summer Travel Events follow the web as she is known Nation Wide {3} Her Social Network @buffiedabarbie1 and Official website Glob with Snached.com {4} as the "Editor" I will advise to stay tune into the Ebony Barbie if you enjoy Beauty Fun and Travel also share with friends an more thank's for Reading and hope to see you there,This posting is for the Adult viewers some Graphic video or pictures posted may contain Adult content 18.yrs are older only upon BuffieDaBarbie Followers Request.