Bill Barekas

• Highly motivated and reliable professional with a strong passion for software development and technology in general, engineer at heart.

• Enthusiast in building software products after a 25-year old experience in various roles across the Software Development Life Cycle process, in companies ranging from early-stage startups to well-established organizations.

• Delivering, architecting, and technical leading software products that have been released worldwide, serving millions of users. Ranging from mobile applications to scalable network services and carrier-grade network servers using state-of-the-art technologies.

• Hiring, managing, technical leading, and mentoring multiple cross-functional software engineering teams (backend, frontend, native, QA). Agile Scrum methodology advocate.

• Tuned analytical skills, proven in translating complex customer requests into product requirements and providing time-efficient solutions to customer issues. Efficient collaboration with multi-function teams and customers across time zones and geographies.

• Expert in designing scalable, high-performance network services, multithreaded programming, and asynchronous/multiplexing I/O technique.