Blaine Barrington

Writer in Canada

Blaine Barrington

Writer in Canada

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Blaine Barrington is a Dating and Relationship Coach who provides dating advice, relationship advice, and shows women how to meet men.

He’s the author of the Girl Gets Great Guy System – The System That Cracks The “Guy Code” And Shows Women How To Find Their Mr. Right.

He’s also the author of the Special Reports, 7 Best Places To Meet Mr. Right and Dating Mistakes which are available FREE to women who are ready for love and who are serious about finding a great man and having a loving and fulfilling relationship with him.

Blaine’s coaching style is down to earth and yet compassionate. He has a deep understanding of the frustrations many women experience trying to find true love with a special man.

He understands how hard it is to find a truly great guy – a man who loves and cherishes his woman and who has her back through good times and bad times.

His dating advice and relationship coaching is from a guy’s perspective. He shows you how guys think, how to meet men, and how to capture the heart of one special man.

He shows you how to identify the great guys from the losers and the players.

He guides you through the ups and downs of dating. He listens and encourages you when you despair that you won’t find a great guy.

He shows you how you can transform yourself from an independent single woman into a woman who is cherished and loved. A woman who has her innermost desire fulfilled…and that’s to be in the loving arms of a wonderful man who adores her.

Whether you’re a novice to the dating arena, a successful woman who hasn’t been successful with love, or a veteran dater who hasn’t yet found your Mr. Right, you’ll find Blaine’s coaching style refreshing, sensible, eye-opening…and effective.

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