Benjamin Bartakovics

London, United Kingdom.

Hi everyone visiting this page,

Thank you for your interest in this short, more informal and personal biography about me. My name is Benjamin but my friends call me Benji. I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1990. My mother originally comes from Munich in Germany and my father from Budapest in Hungary.

I grew up in Vienna first studying at a regular high school. After 4 years I decided to switch to a Higher Technical Institute which is a special type of public school that you can attend in Austria. It is comparable to a regular high school, however additionally to the basic subjects like geography and chemistry it offers you a technical education and is one year longer. I studied at the department of Industrial Engineering where I specialised on Business Informatics.

After graduating, I worked as an ambulance officer during the 9 month of compulsory civil service in Austria.

Currently I am a 3rd year student in London at Cass Business School studying Business Studies with specialisation in Finance. Last year I was lucky to be chosen as one of two students that got the chance to go on a replacement year at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It was an amazing experience, socially and culturally as well as academically, to live and study for a year at one of Asia's best business schools.

About three years ago my brother and I founded a society called Mau Mau Music. We regularly organise events in Vienna (also three in Hong Kong) for which we book international artists to perform at various venues. The average amount of guests varies between 300 and 700 people, depending on the venue as well as the artist. All the profits we make are getting reinvested into new projects (mostly of larger scale) as well as new equipment is purchased that can be used by all the members of the society.

Last summer I worked as an intern for Robert Bosch AG in Austria at its headquarters in Vienna. It was a great experience, especially as I was supervised directly by the firm's CFO for Austria. In cooperation with the tax department in Germany I developed the legally required transfer pricing documentation. I learned a lot about the structure of enterprises and how complicated it can be to manage an enterprise that has subsidiaries nearly everywhere in the world.

I hope you liked my short biography.

Thank you and all the best.


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