Ben Dannatt

Engineering Doctorate student offering strong academic background and broad industrial work experience. Eager to learn, open to new ideas, determined to succeed. Skilled at innovating and implementing novel ideas and solutions by interpretation of challenging data while managing available assets and resources. Blending advanced technical, analytical, commercial and broad thinking problem solving skills to deliver complex projects on time, within budget and with awareness of their strategic context. Communicates and collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams to achieve challenging objectives with a strong focus on quality. Builds and maintains strong professional relationships across academia, industry and public sector.

The Biopharmaceutical & Bioprocessing Technology Centre comprises an inter-disciplinary team with industry experience centred on a core of mathematical expertise. Specialising in the extraction of bioprocess understanding from complex data, the Centre is uniquely placed to support the implementation of Quality by Design and Process Analytical Technologies. They offer a range of skills and opportunities which include;

+ Mathematical expertise (data interpretation, optimisation, modelling).

+ An inter-disciplinary R&D strategy.

+ Practical experience in solving industry problems.

+ Funding to support collaboration.

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