Hey all! I'm just a young writer, wishing to remain anonymous... for now! I have always loved to write and give advice, so why not do both? I want to focus my blog on the important things in life: Boys, Booze, and Being YOU! {BBByou for short}

My goal is that these stories, tips, and advice help to make all your lives just a little bit easier. I want to share my thoughts and experiences in hopes that you gals won't make the same mistakes I did. Its tough being a woman sometimes... We need to stick together and help each other out whenever we can!

One thing you should know about my writing is that I am very honest, some posts may contain more *language* than others, and I am terrible with punctuation and grammar if Im not being graded on it! So prepare yourselves...

Feel free to comment on any posts or email me with advice, feedback and/or suggestions:

Wink! Wink! (; mwah!