BB Dogz

Started playing guitar in 1976 when I was 17 despite wanting to play when I was 7. I had to wait this long until I could afford one myself.

Got banned from a caf'e in 1977 for playing guitar with a friend of mine " Shaun Meahan". We used to go in there & just play. They said they had no licence for music. We must have been pretty bad too.

Started to play drums then too. I got quite good & people asked me to play for them. We had a knock about band that I used to play with. Derek Billingham was the guitarist (who taught me a lot) & his daughter Wendy played bass guitar.

Shaun & I drifted apart as far as music was concerned & I joined a band as a bassist (3rd Regret) with Peter Harris (Divine Brothers) Alan Wood, Phil Whitingham, Ian Grady & 3 female backing singer who were brilliant.

A later formation of this band included Yt, (Peter White) a member of DogRoCk!

DogRoCk! is the loose knock about band that various people play with now. Nothing ever gets finished as we all have other things going on. We still have the website though.

My Names;Wild Dog, BB Dogz, BB Dog. Real Name; Neil Roberts.