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It has been my most challenging reward simultaneously my most continuous enlightening obstacle, the master of myself. The remembrance of our connection, our right to a lifetime of abundance, our belief in beyond what is seen in the moment and our limitless ability to create and manifest is often times a greater feat to sustain than its actual application to living.

In my own practice of striving to be aligned mentally, physically and spiritually via the use of Reiki and Yoga, the results are demonstrated in my joy, continuous laughter, reassignment of my thoughts, reaction to life's many incidents as well as an increased gratitude for everything and everyone.

Join me in the miracle of living our best lives to restore everyone's understanding of the truth (Our Happiness Matters) despite our past or current circumstance. If we practice the alignment of our mind, body, spirit from a place of love, we will undoubtedly navigate ourselves to happiness.

After spending the last 10 years, advocating and investing in youth via art education with hopes of children's attainment of "Self-Literacy". I realized in my own growth a different type of work is needed not only for myself. If our children and their parents as well as the community at large delve into the root of our fear, break silence with candid yet vulnerable dialogue, the healing of ourselves can be achieved. The transformation would be immediate, obvious and visual in the thoughts we form, words we speak, actions we take and the love we share.

I have a goal of getting a minimum of 100,000 people to pledge to be Happy.

Take the PLEDGE..... YOUR HAPPINESS MATTERS and it's necessary!!! (

~ Namaste (I acknowledge the divine light in you)

Lorraine K., McCall, In Service of Happiness