Baran Belgu

Istanbul, TURKEY

Born in 1987 July 7th,

- Studied Fine Arts / Drawing in highschool and completed a 2-year program on Movie-making.

- Attended to Adobe Certified Graphic/Web Design Program for a year and finished with High Degree Certificate. Continuing my education on Digital Tutors/Digital Painting and have some Certificates on my program.

"I'm sick of your imagination." - My mother.

- Completed my Military Duty on 05 / 2013 at NATO S.H.A.P.E. / Belgium as a member of International Military Police Company. (Ranked OR-4.) And obtained Certificate of Appreciation from the I.M.P. Company.

- Started to play games at age of 9. The very first Card Game i have learned was Magic the Gathering. I learned regular card games at a later age.

- My first Fantasy Fiction Books were Dragonlance Series in ENGLISH!! I was reading the books with a dictionary at age of 12. Then i decided to learn english. I had to learn it because i couldn't understand the books and also most of the games like Diablo 2 and Sanitarium or GTA I.

- I started my Online Gaming life with Ultima Online. After playing Warcraft III i started to play DOTA. Then started to play World of Warcraft for 4 years straight. Then i had to give a break to WoW because i discovered a pirate themed MMORPG called as Pirates of the Burning Sea. While i play POTBS i started to play RIFT also. My last long time online game is League of Legends.

I like travelling and got no travelling restrictions.

Here some of my previous works:

  • Work
    • Graphic Designer, Digital Artist
  • Education
    • Associate's Degree