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property investing

Do you want to know how to pick an investment property? Learn how to reduce your tax and be guided into your next investment that will make easy money.

Whether you own your own home, or you are trying to get in on the market,
it is wise to understand that there are opportunities to create wealth using property. If you position yourself with a strategy that works for you and your lifestyle, you may find the Australian Dream come alive for you.
Property investment strategies are growing in popularity in Australia. Here is a short list of some of the most effective for right now.

Of course, to start now, you’ll need a strategy. Each strategy is related in some way to either renting or capital growth of your investment property.

If you choose to flip houses (buy a shabby one, fix it up, sell/rent it), that works for either approach. You’ll definitely sell it for a lot more than you bought it, or you can neatly rent it out until you’ve paid down your investment, then sell it.