Ben Bjork

My name is Ben Bjork and I was born in the small town of Rosedale, Minnesota. When I was four years old my dad, a bond trader for Norwest Investments, got a promotion and my family moved to Charlotte, NC. Growing up in Charlotte was more than exciting. Throughout my teenange years I played baseball, golf, lacrosse, basketball, and football. Football has always been my favorite sport. I was a starting varsity wide receiver and punter at Providence Day High School for three years. My junior year was the most excitng because our team won the state championship, and I like to think I was a pretty vital part to our success. Besides playing sports I've always loved to do other activities like tubing, hiking, and fishing. Fishing is the one activity I enjoy the most because it is relaxing and there is no better feeling than catching a large bass. I graduated from Providence Day in 2013 and now I am currently at East Carolina University planning to major in business finance. My reasoning for deciding to major in business finance is to follow in my fathers footsteps. College has been a major change in my life but I plan to both study and have a blast on the weekends.