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Bobby Blackmon Financial Help Services

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Under the executive leadership of Bobby Blackmon, Financial Help Services of Florida helps people around the United States achieve relief from debt. The company collaborates with more than 200,000 creditors to help clients reduce monthly payments and interest, thus making it possible for many people to pay off their debts faster. Clients can chose between a debt management plan (DMP), which integrates unsecured debt and establishes an affordable monthly payment that the client pays directly to FHS, which then FHS disburses the payments to each of the clients creditors at a much lower APR and monthly payment.

Financial Help Services, Inc., also employs a staff of certified credit counselors to advise clients on navigating debt management and finding a way to living debt-free. Counselors work empathetically and collaboratively with clients to determine the most appropriate solution, while the company uses the up-to-date payment technology to streamline the repayment process itself. Each customer's monthly payment transmits to creditors using innovative and reliable technology. Both clients and the public can access financial education information via the company's website at