Bonnie BLeigh

Hello fellow bloggers!

My name is Bonnie and this is my blended family. That's me on the far right, my future stepdaughters are in the middle, and my fiancee Tim on the far left. From all appearances, we look like a very happy, typical family. The truth is, we all go through our own struggles everyday. Adjusting to family life after a divorce is tough on everyone. Although Tim and I are not officially married yet, we have been in a relationship for almost four years and living together for three. So despite not having the official title of stepmom yet, I have all the same responsibilities. To say I was unprepared for this role is an understatement. Although there are many perks of loving someone else's children, there are many moments of hurt, confusion, jealousy, isolation and downright anger. Stepmom, you are not alone. The biggest hurdle is forgiving yourself as well as your family members for their shortcomings. As step-parents, we often go un-recognized and feel under-appreciated. We sometimes feel discouraged and have disillusions about the reality of our stepfamily life. Let's not forget the guilt that follows as a result of struggling to succeed in a role that no one sets as a life goal. The reality is, I have fallen in love with an incredible man and a wonderful father. He's worth it. Period.

Stepfamilies are not only possible, they're incredibly rewarding and worth it. Everything good in life just takes a little work. And with practice and a smile on your face, Stepmom, you are the glue that this broken family needs.

If you have happened to stumble upon my blog, this tells me that you are hopeful and perhaps looking for support. In fact, that's the main reason I've started my blog in the first place! I'm very eager to reach out to other stepparents in the hopes of gaining insight, relief, encouragement and advice. And in return, from my experiences and stories that I post, I'm hoping that you will gain the same.

So, take a deep breath, have that little cry, and know that answers are on the way! You are not alone any longer.