hi im chanel or whatever aand im an asshole lol

um im homoflexible and im a girl ig but you can use whatever pronouns for me,, im a cancer with a moon sign of scorpio and thats about it

so this is basically just to say yeah i have a few byf thingies-

so first off i am irl chanel #3 from scream queens and ramona flowers from scott pilgrim vs the world and rachel amber wow ok also i'd really like if you tagged me as veronica from heathers but idk ty desu

my current interests are in the movie heathers, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, black swan, the shining, scream queens, soft gore, exo (specifically baekhyun), bts, girls generation, kpop in general, life is strange, girls tbh, death, i can go on but yeah

if u got beef with erio stay the fuck away aihht fam

also if youre sensitive dont bother because i dont say im an ass ffor no reason although i m lowkey if i like you but i hate most people or just dont care

also u can call me other things beside chanel i mean whatever

dm to follow im okay with whoever rly thx daddy