Blue Bird

Gold Coat, Australia

My name is bluebird. I am a 22 year old female living on the Gold Coast in Australia. I am 168cm with dark blue hair and green eyes. I have the middle of my lower lip pierced as well as a ring in my nose and an eyebrow stud. I also have 2 tattoos. When I started my lifestyle change just over 2 weeks ago I weighed in at 114kg, I havnt been back on the scales so I dont know what I am right now.

I am a gamer. I love mmorpg's, rpg's, fps's, tps's and the rest. I started playing games with my little brother Ashley (he is 3 years younger than me) when I was 7 and now I play them with my fiance jesse. I am not really into nightclubs and would prefer a cheery pub anyday. I would like to own my own pub one day, my logic is that I love beer so why not provide it to others that like it too - not to mention it would be pretty epic owning your own pub.

I love heavy metal, rock and alternative music along with many other genres. I hate most techno music and hate dubstep evenmore so - everytime I hear it I imagine little spoiled 3 year olds smashing whatever it is they have in there sticky little fingers on the walls and floor. However I do like 2 dubstep songs one of which is the theme song for Far cry 3, that one is cool. I like alot of old school music like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Harry Belofonte. I also happen to love the weird ones like "pony" by Ksey Chambers.

I love cartoons especially poke'mon, digital monsters,tmnt,ben 10,batman,yugioh and spongebob squarepants (I'm ready!) just to name a few.

Hmm maybe I should leave somthing to put on my blog and not just cram it all into my "about me" lol.