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Betty Boop

Loser in California

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All about me!

💗I go by the name Betty, which isn't my birth name 🙂

🐭im demigender and lean more towards she/her pronouns but they/them or it/itself are fine as well!

☀️I am pansexual!

👾ive been professionally diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, autism, ADD, PTSD and DID

🤖im 16 years old and I live in Northern California with my foster parents

☂️I'm new to the Kin community on Instagram! I always felt like I was the only person who felt this way and I'm glad I'm not. Im hoping to make new friends !!!



❤️ Betty Boop- this is literally not even a kin!!!!! I am 100% Betty boop!!! No doubles please!

💛anais (amazing world of gumball)- this is a newer kin, but definitely me, again no doubles please!

💚margaret smith (regular show) I miss my friends !!! I miss you mordecai! If any of you know any of my friends (even benson!!!) PLEASE DM ME!!!!!

💙Angelica pickles (rugrats)- i rarely identify with her !! If I have a kin shift and ID as her its usually because I am in a very destructive and jealous mood!

💜this is a newer one but I am 100% crybaby!!!!!!!!!! don't follow if u are gonna make fun of this kin, or of Melanie Martinez


Do not follow if

💧you won't respect my kins

💧you will be disrespectful to me because of my kins

💧you're under 12 or over 18

💧you're racist, sexist, homophobic etc.

💧you double with or know a double or betty!



❌self harm


❌doctors offices

❌irons / stoves

It's okay if you post about these things of course just please tag them if possible?

Overall that's about it! I can't wait to meet you all! Once you've read this DM your favorite emoji