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Why Is Anova Still The Best Sous Vide Choice?

The Anova Souse Vide water circulator is still one of the most popular in what has become an increasingly crowded market. The Sous Vide method of cooking has taken home chefs by storm - but it was not always that way.

Sous Vide - the art and science some would say involves immersing the ingredient (meat, fish, or poultry) in a circulating bath of either broth or just plain water. the vacuum packed ingredient simmers and retains its its natural flavors or those supplied by the chef.

However for many years the idea that Sous Vide cooking could be available to home chefs was a dream. The setup and appliances were simply too expensive. Then Best Sous Vide: Anova came along.

A Kickstarter initiative that promised a lot and actually delivered a Sous Vide circulator that was not only handy for the kitchen - but was also affordable.

Since their launch of the original circulator Anova has continued to innovate. One of their latest versions is the tine but powerful 'Anova Precision Cooker Nano'

At a price point of around $99 this is a circulator that is difficult to beat.

It is a perfect way for those who want to try out Sous Vide conking without shelling out for the expensive models from other manufacturers.

Anova is all about cutting costs and passing those savings on the the consumer - so you're going to get plastic instead of stainless steel in the Nano. But it's a sacrifice that doesn't reflect on performance.

If you want to use a circulator on a variety of pots then it might be a better idea to go for one of the more expensive models. But dipping your toes into the Sous Vide warm bath - this is a great choice.

It's this sort of innovation and price point that has kept Anova at the top of the Sous Vide game.