Tyler 🌸

being cool in Cookies Town, Liberia

Tyler 🌸

being cool in Cookies Town, Liberia

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hi !! my name is Tyler, I had to remake my account bc of toxic people but I'm here to stay now 💖 I hope you all will accept me here !!

some basic info:

🌙 my zodiac is cancer

🌙 I'm half Lebanese

🌙 I'm 15

🌙 I'm a demi panromantic and asexual transboy

🌙 I am part of a system but please don't be afraid of my alters 🍬 ask me for more info abt this!!

🌙 I have athsma (self diagnosed)

mental stuff:

🍡 I have professionally diagnosed aspergers and depression so please be kind

🍡 I show a lot of the symptoms for bpd but I'm not sure if I should self diagnose 💧

Some kin info:

my main kins are: (dm to follow !!!!)

🌙 kuranosuke koibuchi (100% me irl!!!)

🌙 blurryface (no, I don't kin with Tyler!! I have gone by Tyler since I even started listening to twenty one pilots✨)

secondary kins:

🌙 fun ghoul (hmu if you're party poison!)

🌙 cats (my cat kinsona is a tabby with blue eyes,, 🐱)

🌙 sirenkin


🌙 electra heart

🌙 maki nishikino

🌙 kyubey

favorite music:

🎼 my chemical romance

🎼 pierce the veil

🎼 melanie martinez

🎼 marina and the diamonds

🎼 mindless self indulgence

🎼 twenty one pilots

things to tag (use catchall #tyler):

🚫 rape

🚫 animal death

🚫 taylor swift (bad memories ssorry,,,,)

🚫 spiders

before you follow pls dm me a picture of a cute cat 🐱🐱🐱

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