Blake Campbell

Jefferson, GA

College student from Jefferson, Georgia, as well as a Slytherin and an amateur Bunburyist. Currently attending UGA, majoring in International Affairs and German. I aspire to travel and learn as many languages as I can, and hopefully land a career as a linguist or a position in an embassy somewhere.

During those rare moments when I do have free time, I enjoy reading quite a lot (typically novels, but now much of what I read is historical books or articles), and do the occasional drawing or painting.

Writing is, I suppose, one of my "hobbies," but truly it is much more. I love being able to create places and people for myself and others to enjoy. One of the things I strive to acheive in each of my pieces of writing is that "just right" combination of words that really catches your eye and plucks an invisible string somewhere inside you. Almost anything can spark an idea; a really great film, a song, an interesting theme, a stranger sitting on an adjacent bench-- inspiration is everywhere. I suppose you could say that writing is a big part of who I am.

  • Work
    • Jefferson Dairy Queen
  • Education
    • University of Georgia