Braiden Cancelliere

My name is Braiden Cancelliere. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Oldham. I have GCSEs in Triple Science, English Literature, English Language, Maths, Fine Art, Photography and Media. Whilst at school I discovered that I love working with graphics, so when I finished my GCSEs I decided to continue my study of Graphic Design at Sixth Form, where I also currently study Government & Politics, Citizenship and Photography.

I have done work experience as a Media Assistant at Peshkar in Oldham, where I produced posters for events using Photoshop, which was a great opportunity to put my Graphic Design skills to good use. Other skills I gained whilst on work experience include team work, working under pressure, and keeping to time. I also recently completed a week long arts and media project based at Key 103. During the week I recorded a radio interview, planned events, learned how to DJ, and designed a logo. Being in a busy working environment like Key 103 helped boost my confidence and I really enjoyed learning about the different areas of media.

My favourite sport is American Football, which I play two times each week. I travel across the UK participating in tournaments with my team. So far I have played in Burnley, Newcastle, and Chester to name just a few places.

When I finish college I plan to continue my study of Graphic Design even further, at University in America. I am currently working hard to get the grades I need to make this possible. I want to study in America so that I can experience a new culture, meet new people and see the world. I would also like to play American Football against the best in the world.

I would eventually like to be a Graphic Designer with my own studio and business. I am currently trying to set up my own website so that I can do freelance promotion work.