Boyce Carbon

Innovation is the act or process of inventing or introducing something new, and it is more than just research. It is the need to be complemented by other elements in order to really become an innovation. Innovation or the 'turning of good ideas into competitive solutions for society' is an investment which only competitive industries are able to accommodate.

Sustainability, is the ability to be maintained, and needs to be kept alive without being overlooked. The triangle of sustainability acts on three pillars; economic, social and environmental. At Boyce Carbon we constantly fund research projects that lead to innovation; innovation to increase the life of our resources like water and air.

Innovation for sustainability works hand in hand, like the sun and water for the growth of nature.

Boyce Research to Innovation (BRI) gets 3% of Boyce Carbon Income as funding to fund projects that are in research stage which can lead to innovation that will contribute to sustainability.

In India Boyce Carbon is placed in Coimbatore (TN) India. Coimbatore enjoys the advantageous access to Coconut related products like coconut husk, in the nearby areas of Coimbatore. Kerala placed at a distance of 40kms. from Coimbatore, offers up the largest clusters of coconut in India. Coimbatore has daily connectivity to Srilanka and other south East Asian countries.

Boyce Carbon was founded with an intention of becoming the bulk suppliers and exporters of activated carbon and coconut shell related products for purification purposes. BOYCE CARBON actively puts forward to its buyers a wide range of products of activated carbon with ANSI/NSF Standard 61. The base of the reactivated carbon products is formed by bituminous coal, coconut shells and wood and is available in a myriad of forms like granular, powder and extruded forms. Boyce Carbon over the years has come up with a range of proprietary levels of activated carbon for PSA applications, decolorizing, solvent recovery and the removal of taste & odor, Geosmin, MIB, MTBE and hydrocarbons. Activated carbons developed at Boyce carbon are designed with properties like high surface area and wide range of pore size distribution from micropore to macropore.

Major products marketed by us are the ones used for water treatment, food & beverage, catalysts, air purification, pigments and pollution control. BOYCE is committed to supplying high quality products with favorable pricing, guarantee