Brooke Delagrange

My name is Brooke Delagrange and I am currently in my last semester at Florida State University. In April 2012 I will officially have my Bachelors of Science in Communication. As a communication student, I majored in Media Communication Studies with a minor in Sociology. I think highly of the communication field and those professionals in it. I’ve always thought of myself as an effective communicator and growing up as the middle child of four I’ve had much practice doing so. I mention my role in my family because I feel as though it has made an impact on me personally as well as professionally. I’ve learned to hold my tongue until I have had the time to completely digest the concept, whatever it might be. I’ve also learned patience and self-motivation. Growing up, I never had to be told to do my homework or study. All of my hard work and dedication ultimately lead to having the opportunity to complete college in three years.

In the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity to intern with the Sarasota YMCA’s marketing and communication director. This internship allowed me to write and publish press releases as well as news stories, help form social media policies and maintain the websites, solicit coverage from area media, and promote certain events put on by the different branches. Working with the marketing and communication director was by far the highlight of my newly developed professional career. After I graduate I would love to find a position in integrated marking communication. I enjoy all aspects of advertising, marking, public relations, and social media. With my effective communication skills and those special traits that set me aside from my peers, I’m more than confident I will be able to succeed with whatever I put my mind to.

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