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I was born in Kongsvinger, Hedmark, Norway on the 6. of March 1993 and grew up in tiny Haga nearby. I moved to the municipality of Asker at a relatively young age, and I now live in Oslo. I enjoy geography, television, movies, literature (particularly fantasy and science fiction), languages, accents, philosophy, comedy and games (primarily Minecraft and World of Warcraft), music, radio and podcasts. I have a strong love for the series Harry Potter (and The Tales of Beedle the Bard), The Hunger Games, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit).

I'm an e-book author who has studied English, Spanish, philosophy and education at the University of Oslo, and before that also subjects which included geography, French and IT.

In December 2013 I posted my first work, "Raving Lunacy", a poetry collection "with a difference", on, under my pen name, Blaine Munday. It's the first publication in a planned trilogy of poetry/ short story collections.

My current writing project's working title is "Jack" and is a science fantasy epic detailing decades of mystery, magic, technology, family, love, war and more.

I write fantasy, science fiction, science fantasy, romance, poetry and short stories, but most of my stuff is and will be somewhat Young Adult focused, and novels are/ will be my main medium. I have more than thirty works planned (so don't worry).

Feel free to call me Bjørnar, BM, BCDM, Blaine, Mr Munkerud or Mr Munday.

And, no, I didn't take the page photo myself, but it's taken in Oslo, where I live.

  • Work
    • Nothing but a few more or less terrible poems
  • Education
    • A spoilt childhood, 14 years of dumb school and the University of Life