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Brian Ellis

Hi! I'm Brian. Whether you are visiting my page by accident or on purpose, I'm happy you're here.

You might know me as an Account Executive for The Sutter Group. My company is a creative marketing agency that enjoys developing innovative marketing tools to help our clients achieve their marketing goals. Check out some of our work here.

I am most interested in learning why people think and act in a certain manner. Particularly, I like to understand how consumers rationalize a given economic decision. When we understand what is the best way to reach the consumer, brands have a better chance in connecting with the right people - the people for which the brand exists.

I also enjoy rugby, which has a bit less to do with cerebrality and much more about being super competitive. My favorite show is Modern Family, and my favorite musician might be John Frusiciante, but ask me again tomorrow. The Detroit Lions are my favorite football team, which makes me either delusional or a very loyal fan. I'm still not sure what the difference is. I love to cook. I am a cinephile. I enjoy traveling. I don't like walking (or driving) slowly, so kindly move aside if you see me behind you. Better yet, keep up. It's nice to arrive with a friend.

I want to hear about you, too, so shoot me an email or connect with me below.