Brianna Hopkins

Baltimore, MD

During the end of my first semester at Frostburg State University, I encountered one of the best days of my life. I discovered my purpose and passion for life. While helping a fellow classmate grasp various math concepts, I began to express my feelings about being an Engineering major to him. I thought I was just rambling about how hard and boring the major was; I had no idea this simple conversation would change my life forever. He told me to do what makes me happy, don’t major in anything just for the money. He then said, “Bri, you would make an exceptional math teacher. You have all the qualities for being a great teacher. You are creative, ambitious, and patient.” Once he made these comments, my mind began to wander. I began to research the Early Childhood/ Elementary Education major, and it was truly love at first sight.

My dream job is to be an Elementary school principal. I believe having the support of a strong administration staff, teachers will be able to deliver and execute all material, and all students will be able to succeed in and outside the classroom.

When it comes to having experience, I have interned with Superkids Summer Camp for the past two Summers. I absolutely love being in the classroom with 20 students that are eager to thrive over the summer. At Superkids we have daily enrichment field trips that provide cultural awareness as well as enhancing our classroom lessons to the students.

  • Work
    • Developmental Math Instructor
  • Education
    • Frostburg State University