Barbara Cimpa

Ho Chi Minh city

"creator, visionary, motivated flexible team player and aspiring leader, web 2.0 lover, led $billions techprojects in fortune500s to success .. blabla and-so-on." hihihi

accept life as it comes, and do the ultimately best of it

accept and find relation to people, most are kind and lovely

learn the lesson, laugh about myself - laugh _a lot_ (:

love my wonderful partner, my lovely family, my great friends, the sparkling summer. enjoy talks, enjoy to draw (vector graphics, well), drink Vietnamese delicious ca phe sua nong, study all knowledge that is available of human kind .. be more powerful at sports and more understanding in mediation and communication work.

and laugh _a lot_ (: .... things not to be taken seriously. To be friends after the lesson is learnt, and laugh together; and do and maybe learn the next lesson together.

  • Work
    • Software, start-up, visualisation
  • Education
    • Information