Bob Clearfield

Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Every few years I find the need to reinvent myself based on either my needs or other factors. I've worked in IT and Insurance most of my life. My newest reincarnation came when i realized I was the ultimate couch potato. Sedentary at work. Sitting around at home. Working on my computer. Watching TV. Napping. Around the time of my 58th birthday, I decided to begin investing in myself for a change. So I got a personal trainer. And THAT singular decision began to change my life for the better. I never planned to keep my trainer beyond a few sessions unless I started to see results. (Results are the reason I did it anyway) Well I did start to see results. And steadily, the results got more and more visible. Now I'm not afraid to take my shirt off at the beach. Now, I like to take my shirt off at the beach. Especially in front of friends who knew me when I was a couch potato. Now I weigh the same as I did when I was in High School, and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. I did this. YOU can do this; I can help.

  • Work
    • Personal Trainer
  • Education
    • Cheltenham High School
    • Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania