Dr. Bahri Mohamed Bahri

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Industry: Industrie - Pétroleum - Exploration - Production - Raffinage/Refining - Infrastructures & Utilities.


BCO is a business development/transformation/improvement/continuity, strategic planning, know why/know how transfer & acquisitions one stop shop engaged to offer a wide range of market breakthrough services to foreign companies wishing to operate and enhance performance of those already operating in (NASS) : North Africa and Sub Sahara territories.

For over a quarter of a century, BCO has successfully achieved missions as identification of niche opportunities, support stand alone bidders, on time proposal preps & submittals, straight to the provision of contracting, in budget execution & follow up services. A multicultural, pluridisciplinary team has transformed BCO to become the perfect equalizing force in dealing with genuine business endeavors in Africa. Today, pegged to a network of alliances the world over, we are more than ever before in tune with global development requirements and are ready, willing and able to meet them exceeding clients' expectations.

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