Bob Crosbee

CDGWORKS,, is the online name for my business, Crosbee Design Group. My name is Robert Crosbee and I live in Aiken, South Carolina.

I am a web developer and businessman with over 16 years of experience guiding business owners to achieve success with their online marketing and presence. I do that by building websites that address the needs of the business along with the wants of the visitor and effectively positioning their online marketing. I am a web designer and web developer, a project manager, a consultant, and someone you can trust with your online presence. I have worked with agencies in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, designing and building websites for some of the most prestigious businesses in that area. I've freelanced for most of career, helping business owners realize solutions for their Internet presence - keeping their business relevant and effective online.

Do you want to trust your business to someone who has little experience, not only with web development, but the other main factors of any successful campaign - understanding your business needs and being able to interpret them into fully developed ideas that visitors will embrace? I've managed hundreds of project over the years for an unbelievably varied range of businesses and I have succeeded because I listen. I listen to your needs, your concerns, your goals, and I understand. I provide a way forward that will impact the success of your business online.

I'm autodidactic, meaning I've taught myself everything I know about web design and web development. This is not just my living, but my life. I keep abreast of what is happening in this quickly changing world of web development so I can provide the most cost-effective solutions to my clients.

I have a strong eye for design along with an understanding of my clients concerns and goals. For years, I have consulted with clients - provided strategic pathways for the survival and success of their online presence and kept them informed and at ease throughout the process.