Ben Siple


My cat's name is Pirate. She has lost all but one eye. Got your attention, didn't it? That was my goal. She also thinks she's a mountain lion.

I have participated in MMA and UFC for over 7 years, soccer for 4 1/2 years, marching band for 4 years, and am currently training for track and field in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, and eventually Decathalon(s) later in my career. Possibly a return to soccer somewheres in there. I am chasing down the current world records, and shall turn them into a memory, my overall goal being to break the 3 minute "barrier" on one-mile runs. On the music scene, I have been playing Bass Clarinet for six years.

My overall love, and one of my talents, is in music. I have been playing Bass Clarinet for a little over six years now, and typically place in the top 10% at every contest I enter.

One of my other primary talents, if you cannot tell by the background picture, is photography. While still an amateur, I possess some of the most breathtaking pictures you shall ever lay your eyes upon.

Creative writer, preferring the fantastical, suspense/thriller, and action genres. Have recently discovered a knack for story boarding, but have several years of experience in the science fiction department. Of the several writing competitions I have entered, my best was two years ago, when I scored 16th internationally in my age group and genre, out of over ten-thousand competitors. While at the mere age of eighteen, my grammar and wordage is superior to many twice, and even thrice, my age who are in the field of writing I'm interested in pursuing. My sense of humor tends to run a bit dry, and overall quite sarcastic. And I'm a stickler for bad grammar. So probably the best way to get my attention is for your grammar to be utterly awful. But I don't encourage it. Might insult some of those backwoodsy friends we all have.

I am an animal lover and have been for all but about three years of my life, except for the first two years or so. I had a Brittany Spaniel for over ten years, until she passed away on August 27th, 2013. Love Brittanies, Pitt Bulls, and Greyhounds the most. In that order.

Love soccer. Can't do life without soccer. So if you want to end millions of people's lives, ya gotta end the most amazing game of soccer. But please, please, pretty please don't do that! Or music. Can't live without that, either. But that's me.

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