Bertrand Chin


I have a passion for entertainment. Performing and entertaining has been my greatest interest since young. I was given the first public exposure during his Primary School days where I was the narrator for a story-telling competition. From then on, I have started to seek more exposure in the performing arts.

Values and Beliefs

I realize the lack media artistes in Singapore. I have confidence in that the media industry has potential growth and artistes/Emcees are needed to support this growth.

I believe that in the media industry, practice makes perfect. By engaging in more hosting/casting, I hope to gain experiences and also to be tuned into being the top few EMCEE in Singapore.


Care towards clients, the stage management crew, audience feelings and the most important caring for every performance.

Knowledge is key; to be able to grasp new information would cater to different sets of clients. From formal protocol functions to international sporting competitions and broadcasting for promotional events.

Focused on events, every perofmance would ensure a steady qualitty in every performance

Friendly nature enables me to engage in people ranging from high-profile figures to children. This adaptive chracter would allow me to connect with different audiences

Achievements and Qualifications