Bobella Daley

Bobella joined the Admissions department of Goodwin College in November of 2009, already having two years of experience in admissions at a prior school in Connecticut. Her prior background included customer service and sales/management that later opened its doors to her becoming an employment recruiter and finally as an admissions officer. Bobella initially went to college with the intentions of completing pre-med and continuing on with medical school, but changes in the road led her to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Bates College in 2003 with a minor in Sociology. However, working with people to a certain capacity was always in line for her.

Her family had immigrated to the United States from Cambodia in 1981 when she was barely two weeks old. She quickly learned of her family’s history of suffering from a civil war where poverty, enslavement, torture, and education and basic human rights were stripped. This was a major motivating factor for her in achieving higher education and goals in life and wants to give those who seek an education and a better life the same opportunity.

Presently she is continuing to enjoy her work at Goodwin and exercising the missions and goals of the college. In her daily life she enjoys spending time with her family and being a supermom in raising her 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter with her husband.

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