Bayleigh DePoyster

Hi my name is Bayleigh and i was born in Lubbock Texas. My Parents are Connie and Chris DePoyster. heres a little bit about me, I have an older brother named Taylor and a little sister, harlee. I had a dog named frost but she recently passed away at the beginning of the summer. Im very shy at first but after i get confortable around you i never shut up! im very creative and i LOVE bright colors!!! I smile all the time! if im not smiling there is definitly something wrong!! I dont have many hobbies but i love music. I play the clarinet in the Stroud High School band. I love to ride four wheelers and cook. I resently moved to Stroud Oklahoma a year ago. i met some really great people and one great Best Friend, Taylor. I also have many good friends like Colin, Beth, and Courtney. I have tons of pet peeves but i really hate when people smack, i find it gross and very annoying. My short term goal for this year is to make better grades and be nicer to people and make new friends. In five years i see myself in collage to be an architecht and a youth minister.