James R. Anderson

Writer, Father, and Student in Orlando, Florida

When I was younger, I was inspired to by all the great forms of entertainment. Between gaming, reading, and television/film, I was fascinated to create similar and unique worlds of my own imagination. So after my tour of the world thanks to the military, I decided to finally act upon my own dreams.

However, I have learned one thing over the last year: my inability to draw.

Thus, now I am earning a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. I also plan on continuing my education by earning my Master's of Arts in Game Design.

I will use these as the foundations that will propel me into success into my future ventures in both writing and game making. I also have found a desire to television writing as well.

I am currently building YouTube/Vimeo channels that focus on gaming, film, and sports.