Ben Donikian

Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States

My life consists of mainly two things:

My professional life, comprised mainly of my 150 high school US History students ( I love the little b*&$#@s!... but don't tell them), and my home life, including my loving wife (who I DON'T deserve) AND my mother -in-law... AND my mother'-in-law's sister (both of whom live with us and who perhaps I DO deserve)... Ahh yes, there is my catharsis; my garden, meticulously crafted and manicured by... you guessed it.

Having roots in different cultures (born in Cuba, of Armenian patriarchy, hence the last name, but truly 'Merkun) I see things with different lenses, and it allows me a certain latitude on issues regarding my views, my community, my country, and my world. I love my life, and wish others to love theirs as well.

My interests include politics, culture, journalism, history, travel, and my wife's great cooking.

I love to discuss, to debate, to teach, and mostly, to expand my mental and spiritual journey.

Just NEVER ask me to accept the "status quo"... for when you stop embracing change, you just stop.

So, what can you tell me about you?... E-mail me at

Let's converse...

  • Work
    • West Broward High School
  • Education
    • Florida State University